JIC Type Fittings Information

JIC Fittings (Joint Industry council) are tube fittings with a 37 scale flare, working on metal to metal contact within the sleeve of the fitting, they are used in circumstances where tubes need to be extremely resistant to both high pressure as well as vibration, being used in hydraulics, in this instance the JIC hydraulic fitting being used to pass fluid from one source to another at high pace and pressure. A good example of this type of JIC Fitting usage would be in refilling gasoline tanks, where no spillage can be guaranteed due to the flare fitting within the sleeve part, working purely on metal to metal contact, with no need for rubber sealing.

JIC Fittings are specially designed to be used again and again, with very rapid assembly and dismantling, not causing any wearing of the parts, yet in the event of having to modify a fitting, all fractions that make up the fittings can be changed independently, the sleeve, the fitting, and flare nut. These fittings are compatible with partial tubes, or metric tubes, where metric fittings are used. Virtually all applications that use fluid power for motion, control and computerization use JIC fittings thanks to the simplicity of assembly and dismantling, being time economy as well as a very secure solution in many businesses.

There are a broad range of JIC Fittings counting directly, elbow, tee etc. A number of the majority of the common types of JIC Fitting are; JIC Tube merger. This JIC fitting is used in a range of applications that engross chemicals and petro chemicals, power production, ship building, paper, food and many high purity industries. Common metals used for developed JIC fittings are forged brass, stainless steel, carbon, forged carbon steel, forged stainless steel, brass and nickel copper alloys.

Other common types of JIC fitting are the bulkhead union, Tee branch, this type of fitting allowing a two method flood of liquid, allowing liquid to pass from the source to two branch purposes simultaneously. The JIC fitting for all grouping are offered in both male and womanly descriptions, making it probable to discover a fitting appropriate for any pipe connection. Elbow JIC fittings allow you to pass the liquid without any danger of twisting or distorting the pipe. Fractious JIC fittings allows for the attachment of four pipes simultaneously. Other types of JIC fitting are nut fittings, plug fittings nipple fitting, as well as JIC nuts and reducing connectors being presented, allowing adaptation to any type of JIC hose assemblies.

JIC fittings are very broadly used in a massive range of industries and circumstances due to the simplicity of assembly and dismantling, guaranteeing nowhere and slash to the elements each time you remove the JIC fittings in order to go to the after that destination. Due to the flare metal contact with no danger of rubber seals sporting away, JIC fittings can be used to transport and redirect flammable substances with no danger of seepage, even at the highest of pressures and withstanding high vibration. A very versatile product, with uncountable dissimilarities, assembly a solution for hundreds of industries where regular assembly and dismantling of tubes to refill or redirect liquids or flammable substances is necessary on a regular basis, cutting down the cost on replacement fractions, and ensuring the utmost security, guaranteeing no distortion to pipes or unwanted spillage occurs.

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